16th edition | First level specializing Master

Strategic Management for Global Business - SMGB

a.y. 2023/24  |  Sep 2023 - Oct 2024
Structure: On-line courses (Sep - Nov 2023) + Full-time In-class Lectures (from Nov 2023) + Action Project/ Internship 
Place: Milan - Università Cattolica + Online platform
Application deadlines: 29 June 2023 (Intl students); 30 Sept 2023 (Italian students) 

Master in Strategic Management for Global Business - SMGB

Developing a new Mindset for future managers    


Are you looking for a Master in Business Strategy that allows you to quickly enter the global market 
and support the international development of a company at 360 degrees?

With the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business ALTIS Università Cattolica you acquire the management skills necessary to understand the changes and trends taking place worldwide, transforming challenges into business opportunities.





The Master 

The Master in Strategic Management for Global Business allows you to:

  • manage complexity in companies, especially those with global expansion plans;
  • learn hard and soft knowledge in a multicultural and dynamic context and acquire the tools to develop solid and sustainable business and marketing plans;
  • learn by doing through workshops and insights conducted by international experts and managers of multinationals and start-ups, Lab of practice held by the managers' partner companies and Action projects;
  • customize the course of study by choosing between a managerial or entrepreneurial track;
  • develop their own business idea thanks to scholarships dedicated to women and social impact entrepreneurship and to the comparison with mentor managers of international realities;
  • enhance their ability to quickly access the job market thanks to coaching, simulation and personal branding activities provided by international players such as Gi Group and LinkedIn.

SMGB, is unique and innovative for:

More on the courses structure

How to submit

Students profile

Students with three years' Bachelor degree (laurea triennale for applicants with Italian degree)
Are you eligible for the SMGB? Check out here

Duration and formula

1 year master: online + in class lectures + action project (internship or project work)
All details on structure and program can be found here

Language of instruction



Action Project

Alla fine dei corsi in aula, dovrai svolgere l’Action Project scegliendo tra uno stage di almeno tre mesi in azienda, la definizione di un Business Plan per sviluppare la tua idea imprenditoriale o, infine, la definizione di un Research Study

At the end of the in class lectures, you will ut into practice the competencies acquired dirung the Master with the Action Project. You will have to choose between an internship of at least three months in a company, a Business Plan in order to develop your business idea or a Research Study.

More information on the Action project here



64 ECTS credits


To promote the integration of scientific content and practical experience, the Master involves university professors together with professionals and managers of large companies.

Get to know the faculty of the SMGB Master

Cost and scholarships

Participation fee: € 11.000
Scholarship available:  Discover all the details here




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Master SMGB | the student experience


Master SMGB | the student experience

If you are looking for a challenge of a year this master is the right one. This master can open the mind and bring new inspirations. You will improve your skills and meet a lot of good people, great professors, and of course have the opportunity to live in an amazing city as Milan.

Discover it in this video with Sondre Beck Orekåsa, SMGB Student 2020 - 21

Master SMGB | the student experience


Master SMGB | the student experience

Which skills can you obtain with the Master SMBG? How can you use them in order to understand the global market and lead the success in an international company?

Let's ask to the students! Emily Lobb, SMGB student class 2020-21. Watch the video!

Master SMGB | the student experience


Master SMGB | the student experience

The Master SMGB is a very practical Master: workshop, company visit, speedy speech with big companies and the final Action Project. How it is structured and what practical skills do you obtain with it?

Discover it in this video with Marija Marič, SMGB Student 2020 - 21

Master SMGB | Build your own strategy !

the director

Master SMGB | Build your own strategy !

Attending the Master SMGB you will learn to become a manger or an entrepreneur in a global company for the next 20 years.
Listen to the presentation of the Master Director, Prof Matteo Pedrini.

Master web-presentation


The Catholic University, our School, ALTIS, the Master SMGB and the experience of living in Italy and in Milan for one year!
Listen to the international Master's presentation webinar:

Alumni's experiences


One year of efforts, study and fun. Listen to the 2016/17 Alumi's testimonies.