Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
ALTIS, Alta Scuola Impresa e Società
Public Management Division
Via Emilia Parmense, 84 - 29122 Piacenza
tel: +39 0523-599391
tel/fax: +39 0523-599162
e-mail: pa.altis@unicatt.it
website: www.altis.unicatt.it

The management and leadership of a public administration represents, today more than ever, a series of highly complex challenges. The reduction in available financial resources and the simultaneous growth expected by citizens, in terms of the quality of public services provided, require local administrators and public managers to introduce new solutions designed to rethink and reorient public governance.
In such a context the role of education becomes central and, in particular, those learning processes, beginning with real-life situations, which are designed to share solutions, new orientations and best practices. Within this perspective, the Public Management Division of ALTIS is offering a series of courses designed to raise awareness of new management tools and create a new managerial culture based on innovation, oriented towards the generation of win-win solutions for citizens, public organisations and the socio-economic system.

The courses are aimed at:
- civil servants and directors of public administrations, which show a high growth potential and are oriented towards professional development within those organisations;
- public administrators, politicians, consultants, professionals and individuals who have a high level of interest in developing an understanding of those issues which are important for the management and innovation of public administrations.

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