Our research approach

Our multi-level approach: looking at the big picture with a detailed oriented attitude

Since our establishment, in ALTIS we conduct scientific research and action research activities on the themes of sustainability.

With scientific research activities we develop new knowledge and produce generalizable results that can be applied to different realities, thus contributing to the international academic debate.

With action research activities, on the other hand, we investigate processes and offer concrete solutions to favour the integration of sustainability in the strategies, governance and daily activities of specific companies and institutions.

In order to be at the forefront of research and offer the best expertise to our interlocutors, we work with a pool of international researchers and academics and, drawing on the prestigious network of the Università Cattolica, we develop strategic partnerships with influential research centres such as, the Cass Business School, the Boston College, the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, and the Cranfield University.

Sustainability at the core.

Research is the engine that ignites all the activities conducted in ALTIS.

In fact, research represents a remarkable added value for the participants of our courses and masters who benefit from the access to the most innovative theories and concrete examples offered by the projects developed by our researchers.

In addition, in ALTIS research and consultancy activities targeted to companies are closely linked. With the scientific rigour and the pragmatic approach of our research, we support entrepreneurs and managers who wish to pursue growth and cultural change in their companies, that being public or private, by offering consultancy services, which favour competitiveness, innovation and the development of new sustainability-based business models.

Our research team, PhDs, researchers, associate and full professors conduct a continuous activity and publish in the most referenced national and international reviews.

The list of publications is available in the Università Repository dell’Università Cattolica

The researcher team is counts on PhDs, reserarchers and associate and full professors


  • Mario Molteni
  • Matteo Pedrini


  • Benedetto Cannatelli
  • Laura Maria Ferri

PhD candidates and research fellows

  • Giacomo Ciambotti
  • Chiara De Bernardi
  • Alisa Sydow
  • Maria Cristina Zaccone
  • Marco Minciullo

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