Quick and clean? Finding the right pace for the green transition


ALTIS, Graduate School Business and Society of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, invites you to the event “Quick and clean? Finding the right pace for the green transition”.

The conference deals with the speed of the green transition: what are the technological, economic, political and social obstacles to an acceleration in the speed of the transition? What are the pros and cons of the increase? What analytical tools are more suitable to analyze the optimal speed of the transition?

To deepen these issues, the conference brings together various points of view and skills, aiming to involve at 360 degrees the intelligences and competence on the ground.


9 Semptember 2022 | 09.00 - 17.00

Dual Mode: online or in-person at ALTIS Università Cattolica, Via San Vittore 18, Milan

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The conference will be held in English




Europe and the transition: institutional structure and financial system

The international framework: the results of COP 26 (RSE, Dr. N. Luciano)

Sustainable finance: leading the way (EIB, Dr. L. Piovesan)

Indications and structure of climatic stress tests on European banks (EBA, Dr. R. Passaro)

The governance dimension in the transition: gender diversity in the board of directors of banks and green loans (ECB, Dr. A. Reghezza)


Italy and the transition: institutions, intermediaries, technologies

The situation of the Italian banking system (Università Cattolica, Prof. E. Beccalli)

Transition, sustainable finance and central banking (Bank of Italy, Dr. I. Faiella)

The role of the financial industry (ABI, Dr. C. Pasquini)

Energy scenarios and technological acceleration (RSE, Dr. M. Gaeta)


Light Lunch


Transition and speed: theory and strategies

Innovation and speed of transition (Università Cattolica, Prof. M.L. Mancusi)

ESG criteria and transition: the point of view of psychology (Università Cattolica, Prof. E. Lozza)

Italian companies and transition (Università Cattolica, Prof. M. Pedrini)

Transition and regulation: for a green prudential supervision (Università Cattolica, Prof. L. Esposito)




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