Public Management

Public agencies are a fundamental player for the social and economic growth of a country.

This is the reason why for more than 10 years we have been developing research, educational and consultancy activities that tackle the hottest issues related to Public Administration, such as:

  • revision of organisational frameworks and Business Process Reengineering 
  • Company welfare and work-life balance
  • Management by objectives and performance measurement
  • Quality evaluation and customer satisfaction
  • Social reporting and stakeholder engagement
  • Public services management modeling

We have been cooperating for a long time with institutions, offering the unique expertise of a team of researchers and professionals to conceive strategies and deploy the most effective concrete actions that may cope with the challenges that the public sector has to face, be it local or central administration agencies, public utilities and publicly owned service providers.

Reform and development processes of the Public Administration are today more and more necessary: in order to be effective they require an inclusive and collaborative approach that may favor the interaction of all involved stakeholders.