Not for Profit Management

The Third Sector Reform in Italy: a unique opportunity

According to the latest Istat (Italian National Institute for Statistics) census of no-profit organizations, there are over 300.000 third sector entities in Italy that involve almost 5 million volunteers and about 1 million employees and collaborators.

Economic sustainability, transparency and social responsibility are some of the keywords that characterize the reform (by law 106/2016), opening a new scenario and providing new tools to regulate and promote a sector of growing relevance  in Italy, a significant network of people that produces an economic value of approximately €65-75 billions.

Associations, foundations, cooperatives, volunteer organizations, social enterprises, ecclesiastical institutions and NGOs are increasingly fundamental to meet our society  daily  challenges, i.e. fight against poverty, social and labour-market inclusion, or environmental improvement.

In an ever more competitive market such as that of the social sector, to be effective and generate a real social impact, third sector entities need to engage with knowledgeable and skilled professionals and managers in order to develop sound social enterprise projects and manage them in an optimal way.

“The new norms call for an important cultural and organizational change, which requires all actors involved  to be well prepared.”

Prof. Marco Grumo (Director No-profit and social enterprise Division)

The issues related to the no-profit sector have always been central to our research, consultancy and training activities.

Based on rigorous research, in fact, we identify and generate opportunities and innovative solutions to improve the management of Third Sector organizations, by supporting them in core activities, such as: strategy elaboration; accounting and reporting; communications and marketing; partnership development with local and public administration authorities, as well as with for-profit organizations; fundraising; human resource management; programming and control systems.