ALTIS Consulting is the consultancy unit developed within ALTIS, the Postgraduate School of Business and Society of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, whose identity may be summed up in the motto: "Entrepreneurship and Management for sustainable development":

- ALTIS Consulting offers services to develop the competitivity, income and profits of companies,
by intelligently applying the tools of environmental and social sustainability.

- all ALTIS Consulting operations are carried out according to a rationale of
creating shared value: value for the enterprise and value for society.

- ALTIS Consulting is open to all players in economic life: companies,
non-profit organisations and public administrations.

- As well as the vast experience of its own professionals, ALTIS Consulting also benefits from the
advantages deriving from belonging to a great university.

Using the services of ALTIS Consulting means:

  • benefiting from a team of experienced professionals who are constantly in contact - via consultancy projects and research and training initiatives - with the top management of companies from all sectors;
  • drawing on the most innovative ideas and management approaches, due to ongoing research activities, in Italy and abroad, carried out by the Postgraduate School;
  • making the best use possible of innovative tools of dynamic simulation to explore and analyse both new strategies and new procedural and organisational configurations;
  • exploiting the wide network of research and consulting centres which ALTIS has developed at an international level; benefiting from the autonomy and know-how deriving from the prestigious scientific profile of the institution to which ALTIS belongs.


1- Social and Environmental Results:
improvement in employee relations, consolidation of customer loyalty, constructive relations with the collective and suppliers...

2- Competitive and Economic Results:
increase in turnover, increase in market share, cost reduction...


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