Sarao Stefano

Stefano Sarao has an extensive background in Sales & Marketing, both in the service industry and in manufacturing, and has held senior management positions in Italy and abroad. In 2009, he started his own business as a consultant and trainer. He has lived in London, Brussels and Vienna and speaks English, German, French and Spanish.

Stefano Sarao joined the South African Embassy in Rome as Journalist/Translator in 1977 but a short few years later he moved to the airline industry as Media and External Relations officer.
In 1985 he finally found his calling in Sales and Marketing and joined American Express in Rome as Key Accounts Manager and subsequently became Director of Sales of  Hertz’s Italian operation.
In 1989 Hertz promoted him to a European coordination role based in London. A tireless world-traveler, Stefano has since held a variety of Sales and Marketing assignments that took him frequently around the globe, putting him in contact with the most diverse cultures and business customs. He has also lived in Brussels and Vienna and speaks English, German, French and Spanish. 
He currently works in Milan as a trainer and business consultant. His main areas of expertise are Sales & Marketing, Leadership and People Management, Negotiation, Public Speaking, and Cross-cultural Communication.

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