First level specializing master - 11th edition

Strategic Management for Global Business (SMGB)

a.a. 2018/19  |  Sept 2018 - October 2019
Structure: On-line courses + Full-time In-class Lectures + Action Project/ Internship 
Place: Milano - Università Cattolica + Online platform
Application deadline: July 2018 (Intl students); Sept 2018 (Italian students)


Master Director

Matteo Pedrini, Associate Professor of Corporate Strategy, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan Campus.

Academic Coordinator 

Evita Beltina, Master Coordinator and tutor, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Faculty, guest speakers and company visits

You will access a pool of renowned professors at the Università Cattolica, visiting lecturers from abroad, and working professionals who will all contribute to ensure the solid academic knowledge base of the Master, as well as making it a valuable and truly market-oriented learning experience. Additionally, international guest speakers from multinationals, the most innovative SMEs and respected consultancy groups will enrich the programme by sharing their testimonies and opening up valuable networking opportunities to you.
Finally, students will have the opportunity to visit companies throughout the Masters programme in order to meet current market practitioners.

Beer game


Beer game

“Structure creates behaviour”: the aim of the Beer Game, a milestone of Supply Chain Management. “Technically speaking” explains the lecturer Prof. Alberto De Marco, “the game illustrates the mechanisms of the supply and production chain. But players learn also that problems arise from the structure of an organization and to solve them you have to act on it, be it the case of stock management or a more strategic aspect”
“Players need also to master the information flow and each function must cooperate harmonically: two aspects”, concludes Prof De Marco “that stimulate the participants’ relational skills”

Learn from the Market experts


Entry strategies, common mistakes, tips for future consultants for internationalization. Listen to the interview we made to Mr Furlan, en expert in supporting companies to jump overeases. 

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