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Together for a responsible future

“ALTIS is a breeding ground for minds and innovative ideas, where academics, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, as well as talented youths, meet and debate turning managerial culture for sustainable development and impact entrepreneurship into reality.”

Vito Moramarco, ALTIS Director


ALTIS, Graduate School of Business and Society, was conceived in 2002 within the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore based on an idea of Professor Mario Molteni and of the then Rector, Professor Lorenzo Ornaghi, at a time when the discussion about corporate social responsibility, in the wake of the international debate, in Italy was in its early stages.

At the beginning of 2005 the School was established and started its activity. In the words of ALTIS first Director:


“At a time when many stated that Corporate Social Responsibility was a phenomenon destined to fade away in short time, with ALTIS we made a bet on the fact that it represented, instead, a key challenge to foster the development of a more aware and sustainable society. Today, the growing attention and the economic and political actions towards sustainability prove that we had a good intuition.”

Mario Molteni, ALTIS founder



Entrepreneurship and management for sustainable development

The Graduate School aims to favour, through research, training and strategic consultancy to companies, private and public, the diffusion of a responsible managerial culture, the reconciliation of competitiveness and corporate social responsibility, the interaction between profit and no-profit sector for the development of the Country, the good governance and a sustainable internationalization.

  • Integration of social and environmental responsibility (CSR) in the relevant business sector of an enterprise, as well as in its corporate governance and industrial plan;
  • Management of no-profit enterprises;
  • Partnerships among private, no-profit and public sectors for the creation of shared value;
  • Internationalisation of enterprises, with particular attention to the contribution it represents for the development of emerging and developing countries;
  • Dissemination, at the international level, of the “industrial cluster” model, with particular attention to geographical areas of specific interest for Italian enterprises and clusters such as, Latin America, China, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and the African continent.

We support professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who want to be protagonists of the creation of a responsible managerial culture.

We foster research and innovation, we develop educational programs and we offer consultancy services aimed at coping with the challenges of a conscious and responsible development within the current economic context, in an effective way and with concrete tools.