City Innovation Lab is a European knowledge platform dedicated to enhance the value of territories using the tools offered by Cultural Planning and Place Branding.

Launched in 2012 within the Graduate Schools  of the Università Cattolica, on the initiative of Federica Olivares with the support of Ares Kalandides, Giovanna Fossa e Martha Friel, today the Platform is hosted and operates within ALTIS Graduate School of Business & Society.

The Cultural Planning approach aims to strategically use cultural resources to support urban and community development. It is part of a wider territorial planning and development strategy, able to produce a comprehensive growth for the relevant areas.

Place Branding, instead, is specifically aimed to have an impact on the image and reputation of a certain place, and to interface and interact with cultural policies, urban planning and social policies, thus contributing to create added value in the perception of investors, consumers and citizens.

Both these approaches provide the necessary methodological tools to work on the definition of culture-based strategies for urban and territorial development and enhancement.

City Innovation Lab offers training and consultancy services aimed to generate territorial/local development projects building on cultural resources.

Being part of a network of European universities, research centres and experts, provides City Innovation Lab with a valuable international perspective.


City Innovation Lab offers training and competence refresher courses designed mainly to meet the needs of local administrators who must find solutions for the development of the territory and at the same time enhance the quality of life of local communities.

The offer

  • 1-2 day intensive seminars on Place Branding tools
  • 1-2 day in-depth workshop focused on the practices for the generation/creation/production of  territorial/local development plans using the Place Branding approach
  • In-house seminars designed specifically for local authorities, departments and consortia interested in the Place Branding approach as an operational tool to generate value for the territory and the community
  • Consultancy activities for the development of cultural enhancement projects based on cultural resources.

Scientific direction:

Federica Olivares

For more information, please write to:

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