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Social Impact

impatto sociale


Social impact: the positive, long-term changes, that are enjoyed by the intended targets of that activity and/or by the broader community of individuals, organizations, or environments. 

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Mission Drift

mission drift e impresa sociale


Mission drift: Social enterprises aim to pursue a dual mission (social and financial), and in their pathway to growth the can unconsciously focus on one mission, while losing the sight the other one

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Entrepreneurial Passion

passione imprenditoriale


Entrepreneurial passion is defined as consciously accessible, intense positive feelings experienced by engagement in entrepreneurial activities associated with roles that are meaningful and salient to the self-identity of the entrepreneur.

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Sustainability integrates social, environmental and economic aspects in company policies.

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Sustainable Tourism

turismo sostenibile

Sustainable Tourism: tourism which makes better places for people to live in, and better places for people to visit

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