Director's Address

What are the drivers for long-term success in business? 
How can you turn global challenges into business opportunities?

Strategic Management is the ability to set objectives and actions based on analysis of external environment and organization's resources to achieve superior long-term performance.

If your goal is to reach the highest levels of success as a manager, entrepreneur or consultant in a global setting, the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business is the right choice for you.

The Master offers a holistic vision of business in the global economy and provides academic training for managers and entrepreneurs, using practical and interactive teaching methods.

You will have the opportunity to interact and debate with market leaders and professionals who will share their expertise with you, preparing you to deal with emerging issues using methods that will boost business strategies in a sustainable way.

As a culmination of the programme, our team will support you in developing a bespoke Action Project (an internship, consultancy project or the development of your company's business plan), a unique learning-by-doing opportunity that will form the cornerstone of your future career. We hope you will join our Master in Strategic Management for Global Business: we know we will provide you with the skills and knowledge to fulfil your ambitions.

Looking forward to meeting you in class, yours sincerely

Prof. Matteo Pedrini
Master Director and Full Professor of Corporate Strategy
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Business and Corporate Strategy


Business and Corporate Strategy

Business and Corporate strategy are pillar courses of the master SMGB.
Listen to Prof Pedrini and Prof Fenoglio Gaddò explaining the learning objectives and the reasons why a future manager should become a "strategic manager".

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