Reflect is an activist clothing brand. They aim to transform fashion into a medium for social change through sustainable and collaborative way of design.

The project generates a social impact in local communities. Every month, art workshops with disadvantaged children are organised to trigger their creativity, identity and self-expression. Up until now they have organised 7 workshops and reached 98 children.

They also aim to trigger change in the textile industry by working with women-owned ateliers or ateliers where more than 80% of the employees are women. This is realised through vertical trainings on gender issues, fair work practices and ethical conducts.

Reflect is also concerned with the environmental impact generated by the conventional clothing industry. They opted for organic production to remove the toxic impact out of cotton and for trend-based, low-priced single season products, to stand out against mass production. Their "Fashion Revolution" aspires to be a global movement fostering responsible production and consumption, based on transparency and ethical trade.


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