NemoCare Wellness

NemoCare Wellness aims to end all preventable neonatal and maternal deaths in the developing world by building innovative affordable, accessible, highly accurate monitoring solutions for the emerging markets. We use unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors and networks, analytical algorithms and big data as tools to provide continuous, high resolution monitoring and preventive care for every patient in the hospital and at home - making sure that no stone is unturned to prevent any form of mortality and morbidity, especially at the bottom of the pyramid. We use design thinking principles to build life-saving technologies that will transform the way healthcare is delivered.



The co-founder and CTO Manoj Sanker told us why their product addresses efficiently a relevant issue as neonatal mortality.


How and when did you come up with your business idea?  

Starting in August 2016, as part of our bio design fellowship at the Centre for healthcare entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad, we spent 8 months shadowing doctors in the cities and remote villages of south India. It was here we met Rajesh. He was a preterm baby and weighed only 950 GM's at birth. Rajesh's low income group parents almost lost hope, when Dr Jagadishwar came in and miraculously saved Rajesh. After 2 years, the doctor noticed a lag in the developmental milestones and diagnosed him with cerebral palsy. It was devastating for his parents and life has never been the same again. Dr Jagadishwar retrospectively now understands that Rajesh must have suffered multiple apneic episodes in the first 3 months of his life that he spent in the hospital fighting it out, but they went unnoticed. Though Dr Jagadishwar feels very proud about having saved Rajesh's life, on the other hand he constantly feels sad for the parents struggling to take care of their crippled child. It is during this time that we really understood the gravity of the situation and it was seeing incidents like these that gave us our need. Hence Nemocare set sail in July 2017 with the mission of building tools for heroes like Dr.Jagadishwar and his nursing staff to improve their efficiency and help them do their work better. For parents like the Rajesh's ones who can now sleep peacefully at night knowing that their baby is taken care of.


What goals have you achieved?  

We have realized the first version of our prototype and pilot testing, visual prototype testing, and got our first grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the GCE call ($100,000), plus a small scale batch manufacturing and our first employee recruitment. We will be heading towards regulatory approvals in the following year and also into a large scale clinical study. Furthermore, we are proud of the awards we have received: Winner of Grand Challenges Exploration- round 19 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Winner-StartTLV 2017 organized by TIE Delhi, Niti Aayog and Municipality and Embassy of Israel, Finalist -DBS NUS (Singapore) Social Venture Challenge Asia, Gold medal winner for innovation at IIFA's International Innovation Fair 2017, Winner of the teaser pitch at International Knowledge Millennium Conference 2017 hosted by IKP, Finalist at the National Bioentrepreneurship Contest 2017 hosted by BIRAC and C-Camp, Featured in CNBC YOUNG TURKS "10 most promising startups to lookout for in 2018".


What does GSVC mean to you?  

GSVC being around for close to 20 years now is a very prestigious event for any startup in the social impact space. It will provide the startup a lot of visibility and recognition that we need to help grab the attention of our KOLs and policy makers which will in turn help us achieve the impact faster. Also the learning experience has been immense so far. In the preparations leading to the event itself we did come across a lot of key insights through the customer feedback exercise. We are looking forward to the global interactions, collaborations and learning.

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