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Musana Carts


Musana Carts aims to create a world where street vendors are taken seriously. By providing them with a proven food business model which help them to earn a sustainable income in a safe, clean and professional way.

Musana Carts is an organization that provides efficient infrastructure to street vendors allowing them to conduct and grow their businesses in a safe, legal and innovative way. They secure their futures by accompanying them to a cleaner, safe and professional offer. To achieve this goal, they provide them with a special cart that comes with what every street food vendor needs in Africa: an eco-friendly stove, light bulbs and phone chargers powered by a solar panel. In addition, they provide access to finance, business and WASH training, as well as a business license.

Learn more about it from the words of Manon Lavaud, co-founder and CEO:


How and when did you come up with your business idea?  

When we travel we always try to have the most authentic experience. And so in this quest for authenticity, we have come across the art of street food vending many times. They are the ones who spice the cities, who offer food which is affordable, abundant, and has a local and emotional flavor. They feed 2.5bn people every day in the world and are a source of self-employment. Yet few cities in the world acknowledge their values. Meeting each other in San Francisco in 2015 for our Master degrees in Social Entrepreneurship enabled us to fight for what we think should change: neglection of street vendors' roles which undermines their potential. Instead, Musana proves and leverages the value and the entrepreneurial spirit of street vendors.


What goals have you achieved?  

Today we have 10 street food franchisees in Kampala, employing 30 Chefs on Wheels. We have been among the top 2 Finalists of The Hult Prize 2016 and got the chance to Pitch at the Clinton Global Initiative. This enabled us to start Musana with a crowd of supporters from businessmen, to faculty and mentors. We are 2017 Unreasonable Institute Fellows and we won and Amplify Challenge in 2016.


What does GSVC mean to you?  

GSVC gave us the opportunity to achieve our dream of building a company, make it something truly worthwhile for people and planet. And social venture competitions like GSVC are the best place to see the next crop of truly world-changing ideas.


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