The E4impact MBA is addressed to:

  • Entrepreneurs with an up-and-running business willing to make it grow
  • Start-uppers willing to scale their business
  • Aspiring entrepreneurswilling to implement their business idea

The class is recruited in such a way that participants are given the chance to work together and mutually benefit from one another!

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In the pilot phase of our MBA in Kenya and Ghana between 2011 and 2014, our entrepreneurs had the following results:


Bola Ray
MBA Class 2013/14
Founder of Starr Radio 103.5

Bola started the MBA with a business idea which referred to an existing entertainment company. While attending the MBA he was challenged to get outside the comfort zone and he developed the idea of Starr FM. During the MBA he established a strategic partnership with UniBank to create Starr Radio and went on-air for the first time in August, 2014. Within 3 months of operations, Starr Radio secured major events (Hennessy Artistry, MTN Hit Maker and Alvin Slaughter's "Thanks Giving"); gathering plenty of advertisement, hosts and stars. Furthermore, Starr Radio website was ranked in Ghana from 300,000 to 43 in just three months (over 6% of its visitors are from US and UK), being one of the fastest growing websites in Ghana.

Starr Radio 103.5

A Ghanaian urban, lifestyle radio station, that connects emotionally to every single individual by delivering audio and internet compelling programs (entertainment/lifestyle-led talk, educative programs, good music etc.) across multiple platforms. It has the mission of impacting positively on society and lifestyles.


Stephen Eku
MBA Class 3013/2014
Chief Executive Officer of Emigoh Ghana Ltd

As Stephen enrolled for the MBA, he already was Chief Executive Officer of Emigoh Ghana Ltd. During the MBA, Stephen developed a business plan to enhance production capacity. He identified major bottle necks in the operations process and implemented specific improvements. Emigoh Ghana increased its customer base by 15%, revenues by 10% and number of employee by 10%. Stephen developed a network of 3000 retailers in the Greater Accra Region and scaled the business to Kumasi (Asante region) and Takoradi (western region). Stephen is now focused on further development and has therefore developed a compact business plan for investment attraction.

Emigoh Ghana Ltd.

Food and nutrition Ghanaian company, specialist in dairy and juices processing. It is focused on healthy food provision in order to fight malnutrition.


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