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Attendance is compulsory and it is a condition for obtaining the University's Master's Degree. The minimum attendance required in order to receive the Degree is 90% of scheduled teaching hours.

All those who complete the course and passes required examinations are awarded the Master's degree in "Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneuship" by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan), Italy.


To apply, the below listed documents should be submitted in person at University of Makeni (UNIMAK), Makeni (Sierra Leone) and online by email: unimak.mba@gmail.com for the initial screening process:

  • A feasible business idea (start-up or existing, profit or non-profit) with strong social/environmental impact;
  • A three-year University degree;
  • English Proficiency;
  • Computer and internet literacy;
  • Regular access to IT resources.

Candidates with GMAT or GRE test would receive added consideration in the selection process.

All candidates who wish to apply for the MBA must follow two-step processes:

  1. Selection phase, aimed at evaluating candidate's eligibility
  2. Administrative admission process, aimed at completing the administrative procedure.


Applicants are required to produce the following documents:

1.Application Form (provided by University of Makeni)

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Business idea (2-3 pages) describing the characteristics of a new business or the development of an existing one. Business summaries should include:

  • Business idea or concept and Social mission
  • Target customers and Target market and size
  • Competitors, barriers to overcome and Competitive advantage
  • Estimated social/environmental/economic impact
  • Why my personal profile suits my business project

4. Letter of reference (minimum 1) either academic or professional

5. GMAT or GRE certificate (not mandatory)

6.Copy of Transcript of grades and Bachelor Degree Certificate.

All documents must be written in English and forwarded to: unimak.mba@gmail.com or submitted in person at University of Makeni (UNIMAK), Makeni, Sierra Leone.

The deadline for the submission of application pack for the 2nd edition of the MBA is June 19, 2016.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview and, once accepted, will be given a pre-admission letter.


Successful applicants will also be required to complete the second step of the application process. Selected Applicants will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Two passport-size photos
  • Copy of passport or Voter's ID or National Identity Card
  • "Dichiarazione di Valore"*

* "Dichiarazione di Valore" is a certificate issued by the Italian Embassy that authenticates a foreign degree certificate. To obtain it the Applicant must apply to the Italian Embassy of the country where the Applicant completed his/her university studies and provide them with a notarized translation of the diploma in the Italian language. In some countries, obtaining the "Dichiarazione di Valore" may take up to two months or longer.
The Universit Cattolica's Masters Division can assist the applicants in their effort to obtain the "Dichiarazione di Valore".

Participants admitted to the 2nd edition of the MBA will deliver the above mentioned documents to University of Makeni, Sierra Leone by June 19, 2016.


The campus fee for the MBA is EURO 3,000 (or Le equivalent, non-refundable). A number of full and partial scholarships are available according to precise procedures to be communicated in due time. The MBA staff is willing to develop individualized payment plans. 


University of Makeni
Fatima Campus
P.O. Box 1, Azzolini Highway, Makeni
Ph: +232/76 670.769/76 908.795/77 995.178
Website: universityofmakeni.com
E-Mail: unimak.mba@gmail.com

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