Master SMGB | Action Project: the Irinox case

Four students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business, three months consultants for an Italian excellence.

White shirts, dark jackets, impeccable, serious faces: Marta, Nikola, Bruguraj and Aleksandar are reviewing their speeches, agreeing on last minute details, nervously walking out of the classroom where, in a few minutes, they will have to present their consultancy paper, not only to the University examining commission, but also in front of Mr  Pietro Romanazzi, Innovation Manager of Irininox S.p,A., commissioner of their work.

The four students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business (SMGB) of ALTIS had met with him four months earlier in Conegliano, where the Treviso-based company has its headquarter. Irinox is a market leader in blast chillers, shock freezers, holding cabinets and proofing systems. 

Accompanied by the Master's academic coordinator, Evita Beltina, and by Professor Marta Massi, the project tutor, the four neo-consultants had shared information and product characteristics with the company, received briefing on the work they were asked to carry on during the three months of their Action Project, the practical part of the Master SMGB: proposing an entry strategy in new markets for one of their most innovative consumer products, with a related marketing plan.

Despite the short time, the limited resources and the unavoidable ingenuity of these “first-step” consultants, in three months of intense work, Marta, Nikola, Bruguraj and Aleksandar have been able to tackle macroeconomic data, market analysis, surveys, proposing a timely and reliable synthesis and original ideas that, underlines Dr. Romanazzi, "will surely be taken into consideration in our promotion strategy of the product". "Irinox wanted to collaborate with the students of the Master", continues the manager “because in them we can find fresh, innovative and not preconceived ideas. We are very satisfied with their work. "

Some small disappointment on the part of the students for some criticisms that  they have received, but for sure criticism will be more useful than compliments: "We could have done better", Nikola tells us with great humility. "But we hope this experience will be useful for our professional future", closes Aleksandar.

We are sure that you will know how to take advantage out of this experience, once the Master has finished. Good luck guys!

Master SMGB | Action Project: the consultancy paper

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Master SMGB | Action Project: the consultancy paper

Marta, Nikola, Bruguraj and Aleksandar, four your future consultants of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business and their consultancy project for the Irinox group, an Italian excellence.

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