“Food surplus” has become one of the most important topics in the agenda of several national and international institutions. It has been estimated that around one third of the overall food is globally wasted.

Fondazione Cariplo and Regione Lombardia are funding “Foodsaving: innovazione sociale per il recupero delle eccedenze alimentari” (Foodsaving: social innovation for the reutilization of food waste), a research project led by CERGAS (Bocconi’s Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management) and participated by Università Cattolica ALTIS, Politecnico di Milano, Banco Alimentare (a non-profit foundation which collects food surplus and redistributes it to the needy) and three Italian SMEs.

The Foodsaving project is studying the initiatives of the different stakeholders, both companies of the Food Supply Chain and nonprofit organizations, recovering food surplus with social aims.

The Foodsaving research will analyse the best practices in terms of governance and food surplus collection processes and services in Lombardy and the World Region Forum’s regions: Catalunya and Madrid (Spain), Baden Württemberg (Germany), Rhone-Alpes (France).

Alessia Coeli


Laura Maria Ferri


Valentina Bramanti


Silvia Del Carlo


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