Social Enterprising Europe (SEE)



ALTIS is part of Social Enterprising Europe (SEE), a European project supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme/Grundtvig of the European Union that brings together social enterprises, NGOs, universities and start-up centers/incubators from all over Europe.

The SEE Program moves from the understanding of the potential high impact that  Social Entrepreneurship can have for the current hard times that all Europe is experiencing. Social Entrepreneurship means at the same time tackling social issues such as poverty, unemployment, ageing, education, health, etc., with organizations that strive to maximize their social impact rather than their revenues. This kind of organizations has the potential to be a significant part of the answer to the current economic crisis.

The main goal of the SEE Program is developing an education program and high quality education materials for prospective and already active social entrepreneurs. To achieve this, a bottom-up approach will be taken, moving from the analysis of social enterprises, interviews to entrepreneurs, and currently existing programs.

Project start date
Project manager
Andrea Mezzadri
Impact Entrepreneurship