Action Project


First level specializing master - 11th edition

Strategic management for global business (SMGB)

a.a. 2018/19  |  Sept 2018 - October 2019
Structure: On-line courses + Full-time In-class Lectures + Action Project/ Internship 
Place: Milano - Università Cattolica + Online platform
Application deadline: July 2018 (Intl students); Sept 2018 (Italian students)

Action Project

The Master in Strategic Management for Global Business includes hands-on three month Action Project / Internship (Stage), whose aim is to give students the opportunity to experience and put the competences and skills acquired with the Master into practice. A tailor-made tutoring process will accompany and support students in the execution of their Action Projects.

The Action project will take place from June-July 2019 to September 2019.

Different options

The Action Project can alternatively take the following forms:

  • Internship (stage): the ALTIS wide national and international network of contacts with companies, institutions and associations is the basis for a best-matching process that will provide students a real on-the-field work experience. A first step towards your managerial career. In the past 10 years more that 140 companies (SMEs and Multinationals), national and international agencies  have hosted the students for their internships. If the hosting company requests it, the intership may last up to 6 months. 
  • Consultancy project: students (single or in a small group) will support Italian or international companies interested in internationalization, entrepreneurial or market development plans, as well as in bridging the company with students’ country of origin. A unique opportunity to test your teamwork, project and time management abilities and to become future consultants
  • Business plan: students will be assisted in the implementation of an original business & marketing plan for their own start-up, or of a strategic development plan for an existing company (e.g. family business)
  • Research study on entrepreneurship, especially in emerging economies for those that would like to continue their academic career


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