Master in Strategic Management for Global Business - SMGB

Courses Outline

Students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business will receive a comprehensive training related to the whole process of leading global businesses.


Strategic planning is the fundamental step in approaching new and global markets. Students will get a comprehensive set of competences to approach the challenges provided by local and international business. They will be stimulated to seek innovative ideas for solving global issues and societal problems by analyzing actual cases from the world's top manager experience.

Introduction to Strategic Management (On-line course)
Business Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Innovation and Sustainability


Ever thought of launching your own idea on the market or inside the company you work for? Being withdrawn by fear of failure or lack of specific skills? Being an entrepreneur requires a vast set of skills and the right mindset to be able to manage the complex and ever evolving environment. The entrepreneurship courses will provide you with a sound set of competencies to start building your success story whether you are  a decision maker for your own star-up or a business developer inside a larger organization.

Business Planning

Marketing and Sales

The most brilliant business idea hardly reaches success if companies don’t target the right people, with the most effective message and through incisive channels. Students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business will acquire marketing, communication and sales skills that will spotlight their product or service. You will understand how to implement fundamental marketing tools to build up an effective online-offline marketing and sales strategy and sharpen your analytic skills in brand knowledge.

Strategic Marketing
Digital Strategy
Sales Strategy 
Communication and Promotion (On-line course)
Sales Operations (On-line course)

HR Management and Leadership

Global managers are required to figure out overall strategies to coordinate and integrate resources efficiently. The Master provides students with specific competencies linked to international HR management and help them creating a multicultural mindset in approaching global issues. The students are guided to identify one’s own leadership style, strengths and weakness to be applied to a future real context in order to obtain results in a changing business environment.

Organization and International HR Management 
Multicultural Management

Finance and Economics

Being challenged by numbers and most of all - how to interpret them? Solid economic and financial competencies are essential to managers who must be able to collect and analyze data in order to evaluate business performances and redesign strategies, when necessary. The Master provides students with all the necessary tools to be able to understand, interpret and take relevant decisions on budget planning and provides a deeper look into the financial management world on a business and on a corporate level.

Introduction to Economics (On-line course)
Economics and Globalization
Basic Accounting (On-line course)
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Global Finance

Operations and Project Management

How to plan and allocate your resources in the most efficient way? This course provides concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyze, and manage projects, operations, and supply chains in a broad range of both manufacturing and service industries thus opening for a wide variety of career paths, such as corporate management, project management, supply chain management, logistics and retailing.

Project Management


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