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Some tips on accommodation solutions

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Milan offers a wide range of lodging opportunities in apartments (generally rooms). You can find single and double rooms with the use of a common kitchen. Internet connection is not always included, while you generally have washing machines at your disposal.
You may sometimes be asked to bring your own bed linens and blankets (or you can buy them here for few Euros). Bath towels are never included.
You can find your room through agencies specialized in students accommodations, on web portals or on the University Adv board.
If you choose to stay in an apartment you may have to spend between 350 € (double room) and 470 € (single room) € per month for a room.

Generally a 2/3 months advanced deposit is required at your arrival or prior to it (transferred directly from your country). Provided you haven't caused any damage to the flat, the deposit will be returned to you at your departure.

CUS MILANO (site for University students in Milan - In Italian)
Chiocciolina Services
(University electronic ADV board for rooms and apartments - In Italian)
Kijiji (in Italian, Milan related page)
Casaclick (in Italian) (in Italian) (in Italian)


The average price for a room in a dormitory is quite high (from 500 to 700 € per month) but you have additional services which are not always present in apartments (Internet point, bed linens, study room, internal cafeteria etc).

You are generally requested to pay a 2/3 months advanced deposit (500/600 € at least). Availability at students dorms is generally very limited, so check for availability in advance.

Zumbini Rooms
Campus Certosa

You can choose to stay in a youth hostel for the first days in Milan and look for a permanent accommodations once you are here.
Ostello "Piero Rotta"
La Cordata


Apartments and private dormitories are generally not in the immediate vicinity of the University campus. The Campus is located in the very centre of Milan where availability for students is very limited and rents are very expensive. The suggested accommodation opportunities are generally in the Milan urban area and the University can be reached through the public transportation network.


ALTIS can support participants in finding an appropriate accommodation in apartment rooms (generally shared double rooms) or in other facilities.