Brammer Steven


Senior Lecturer in Business Economics, Deputy Director of Centre for Business, Organizations and Society School of Management, University of Bath, United Kingdom
S.J.A.Brammer (at)

His current research activity explores the interfaces between business organisations and the societies in which they operate, principally through conceptual lenses drawn from strategic management, psychology and economics. Much of his research examines the stimuli for socially responsive corporate behaviour and the relationships between firm social performance and other dimensions of corporate performance. Specific recent projects include: an investigation of the importance of corporate social performance for corporate reputation; an analysis of the drivers of corporate social and environmental reporting; and a study of the role that corporate news media visibility plays in stimulating social responsiveness. His research has been widely published in leading journals such as the Journal of Management Studies, the Journal of Business Research, Financial Management, the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Business Ethics and Business & Society. The importance of informing management practice through my research is reflected in publishing in the press (the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail) and practitioner journals (Professional Investor, Supply Management, People Management).