Director's Welcome


ALTIS is a young, constantly evolving and responsive body - a living entity. 
Its activities are all designed to encourage the emergence and growth of Entrepreneurship and Impact Management for Sustainable Development
ALTIS is, and will continue to be, an Italian laboratory for the development of business solutions according to a win-win logic, a leading international centre of impact entrepreneurship and, finally, a bridge between advanced economies and those which are rapidly developing. Consequently, the graduate school is committed to encouraging the international development of Italian companies, starting with SMEs in India, Latin America and Africa.
In essence, the heart of the ALTIS vision is the desire to promote the dissemination of innovative entrepreneurial options, which benefit both those who implement the process and the environment. Economic life is not necessarily a competitive zero-sum game, where there is inevitably a winner and a loser; it can be transformed into a cooperative positive-sum game, in which each participant benefits from the actions of others.

Over the past two years the postgraduate school has been divided into four business units: Research,  Education, Consultancy and E4 Impact (for Impact Entrepreneurship). The activity of this last BU, designed to encourage the dissemination of entrepreneurial ideas and successful business models with particular reference to the context of sub-Saharan Africa, has attracted the interest of several Italian entrepreneurs and has led, in partnership with our university, to the creation of an independent foundation, the E4impact foundation, which has retained the name of the original ALTIS Business Unit. 

Developing Management and Entrepreneurship Impact for Sustainable Development is a “mission possible”, an innovative and worthwhile challenge which can and must be taken on in Italy, despite being a nation of contradictions, where difficulties and opportunities coexist – there are international disputes and opportunities, both public and private.

Since November 1st, 2015, there has been a new Director of ALTIS who, along with all the staff, reaffirms the historical vocation of the graduate school - supporting students, businesses, non-profit and public sector organizations in a win-win cultural context; ultimately, fostering entrepreneurship and impact management for sustainable development from the bottom up, by leveraging on individuals and their ideas.

The Director
Vito Moramarco   

November 2, 2015